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Gary Rust

Executive Vice President

“Be fair across the board and treat people like you’d want to be treated.” 


Gary enjoys hiking through national parks likes Big Bend, Rocky Mountain and Glacier when he is away from work.  When he is not leading the Austin team, he enjoys spending time at home as well, working outdoors on personal landscaping projects. With an MBA from St. Edward’s University, Gary spent more than two decades in sales leadership roles — including 15 years in sales and sales management with Pfizer and shared ownership in a software company.  Working in large and small businesses, gave him the knowledge and experience to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities across several business units. 

As someone who spent many years in a variety of industries, Gary understands the need to immerse himself in all departments to learn the nuances of each organization’s workspace requirements and functions. Understanding each industry’s culture, goals and workflows helps his team guide clients toward the right space allocations and products. 

For Gary, understanding the best use of space — whether it’s your own personal space or a workspace — creates an environment where creativity can flourish. 

Favorite Commercial Furniture Piece: I don't have a specific favorite product, rather focusing on how people interact within their entire workspace.  As with individuals’ homes, the workspace needs to support movement and activities employees engage in and be that destination people can be proud of.  The space is ever-changing, and it requires more creativity to ensure the space supports the current culture and needs of the organization.  New unique products continue to emerge and can add new purpose to a workspace better than before.  For example, products like Orangebox which is a self-existing sustainable space that you can place, take down and rebuild as needed. That’s a compelling new product that can bring new life to the office.   

Where Do You See McCoy Rockford in Five Years? I think we will continue to grow and be an adaptable organization with a culture of building exceptional customer experiences.  I think we will continue to be the space experts, so whether that's better capabilities on the design side, the project management side, the services side — our teams will continue to tackle any challenges they face.