why choose a single dealer //

Offering a variety of critical services in combination with a local, experienced team and a strong relationship with Steelcase were among the deciding factors that made McCoy Rockford the right organization for the project. The turnkey dealer solution McCoy Rockford provided enabled a single dealer and point of contact which made the contract, coordination and scheduling more streamlined.

A single dealer is also more intimately engaged with a project and aware of how various aspects, like furniture and walls, go hand in hand. They’re also cognizant of the little details that could have a large impact across the space if not considered. For one example, the McCoy Rockford team coordinated the Auctane layout, considering power, data and monitor locations as they related to furniture in conference rooms.

It is also more cost-effective to work with one dealer. From the general contractor standpoint, working with as few subcontractors as possible improves logistics and often saves time and money. 


objectives //

  • Develop single headquarters to bring four brands under one roof 
  • Accommodate all employees in a space 
  • Utilize turnkey dealer solution to meet ambitious construction schedule


services rendered //

  • Design Support
  • Furniture, Flooring & Architectural Walls Product Sourcing
  • Installation & Reconfiguration
  • Commercial Moving

The Grove at Shoal Creek,
Central Austin


The Grove – Gensler
Auctane Offices – Corgan


ARG Bull Greek Ltd. (joint venture between MileStone Community Builders & Castletop Capital)
Trammell Crow Company


CBRE Group Inc.


Sabre Commercial


105,385 sq. ft.


Information Technology Services

This project is still underway.
Check back for the full case study. 

use case //

The Auctane project had a 15- to 17-week construction schedule with just as many variables as a typical or standard project schedule. That meant the timeline had to be executed flawlessly to meet the goal. 
McCoy Rockford bid the project and won the contract for architectural walls, furniture and tile finishing work.

The interior conference room, huddle room, office and phone booth front walls will carry through angled design elements observed on the existing building. The custom shapes Corgan designed can be created in the field using Steelcase Lite Scale. The wall bid was won because the product is manufactured in the U.S.A. and doesn’t have to go through Customs and the required COVID inspections.

In collaboration with Corgan, commercial interior products were selected from a variety of manufacturers and McCoy Rockford managed the complex logistics of ordering and staging product from 15+ different lines. Additionally, McCoy Rockford assisted with reconfiguring existing height adjustable products in the new space. While Steelcase was one of many manufacturers used to outfit the space, their Reservation Program enabled McCoy Rockford to secure a spot in the production schedule, which benefited the ambitious deadline. 

While working closely with Sabre on the walls, they entertained McCoy Rockford’s bid for tile finishing in the break rooms and bathrooms. As the general contractor, Sabre chose to work with a single vendor.