the initial space //

Miller Grossbard Advisors previously officed out of a historic building in Midtown where Elvis once played, giving the building its claim to fame. They had outgrown the space and found the new Houston Heights M-K-T development. Boasted as a one-stop destination, M-K-T’s modern-industrial aesthetic spoke to Miller Grossbard. 

After previously outfitting their initial location, McCoy Rockford was given the opportunity to design and outfit the new space. 


objectives //

  • Design new space with greater amenities to support the company’s continued expansion
  • Incorporate private offices, open workstations and meeting spaces to support work flexibility
  • Activate all spaces within the office


services rendered //

  • Furniture Design & Specification
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Reconfiguration
  • Furniture Leasing

600 N Shepherd Drive
Suite 200
Houston, Texas

Architect & Design

Method Architecture


12,598 sq. ft.



Featured Manufacturers



the design //

The space features a mix of private offices, open workspaces, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and boardroom separated by glass so the hustle and bustle of the environment can be observed. The private offices are also unique. One side features a corrugated translucent panel that give employees visibility of their leadership. Additional amenities include a collaboration room and breakroom which doubles as a place for training. Miller Grossbard wanted their space to feel very active and be an exciting place to work. As a ground floor office, they can step right outside and be part of the vibrancy around them. 

The modern-industrial space has a simple and clean color palette with a variety of accent colors, fabrics and flooring selections based on the architectural finishes. McCoy Rockford designed renderings of the entire space incorporating the architectural firm’s finishes and chose appropriate complimentary pieces for each individual space. 


“Clients sometimes have a hard time visualizing, especially if it's a new space. Renderings help us reinforce the design by putting everything together in a cohesive visual.”
—ami westbrook, rip, leed ap, design team lead


the furnishings //

The majority of the space was outfitted with Steelcase furnishings. The perimeter featured larger group meeting and collaboration spaces with conference tables and chairs, while the inside corridors housed the individual workstations and private offices.

The workstations featured Steelcase Answer and a custom millwork storage solution. A physical barrier provides privacy and also doubles as storage. The private offices have built in desks and mobile carts. A common task chair was selected for the entire space.  

featured products //

Steelcase Answer: The Answer panel supports individual workspaces, with the flexibility to adapt and evolve as needs shift. 

Custom Workstation Storage Solution: It was challenging to find a standard product to fit the small workstation space, so SRG Customs built a storage unit that provided ample organizational space with the added benefit of expandable privacy.

“They were very excited for the new collaboration room constructed of glass on three sides and a large screen on the fourth. Originally, they didn’t want chairs, just a large table as the focal point. After discussing the space, touring our showroom and reviewing similar arrangements, we ended up adding a few seating options to the space. A single table would have caught the eye, but without complimentary seating, the room would have felt empty."
—Janet Zimmermann, Senior Account Executive

the results //

The space has come alive and supports the active and engaged culture of Miller Grossbard Advisors. The contemporary furnishings complement the architecture and meet the employees’ needs.