the initial space //

WP Engine was ready to elevate their space to reflect rebranding efforts to push them past their startup look and feel. The original space featured rows of workstations, where every employee had his or her designated area. They now wanted to create a new environment before beginning to welcome their workforce back to the office.

The McCoy Rockford team explored the NeoCon 2019 showrooms with their WP Engine contact to home in on the project objectives, as well as wants and needs when it came to commercial interior products. From there, the McCoy Rockford team designed layouts and specified products that would achieve their goal for the space.


objectives //

  • Create a fresh space after rebranding that would welcome employees back to the office post-work from home
  • Upgrade furniture and make selections that would reflect a more mature company, not a startup
  • Create spaces for employees to work that was not simply at their assigned desk or workstation


services rendered //

  • Design Support
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Moving
  • Installation

WP Engine Headquarters
Austin, Texas


20,000 sq. ft. (four floors)


Technology & Digital Services

Featured Manufacturers

Steelcase Partners


the design //

WP Engine has specific goals when it came to utilizing the four floors that made up their headquarters. Instead of sticking with their past layout, where workstations were packed in, they wanted a maximum of 50% desks. The new design felt more casual or living room-like, where there were plenty of places to work and collaborate — just not at rigid desks or tables.

A nomadic work environment was created. Each floor had its own purpose and variety of spaces from soft seating to high top tables and chairs to moveable training tables and dividers. WP Engine also had a hybrid work environment at the time, where some employees would office at home and others would physically occupy the space. This trend was supported by the design through many workspace options for those in the office — some formal like conference rooms and others more informal or casual like open meeting areas. Employees could wonder from space to space as their schedule allowed and needs changed, while also using existing workstation desks when appropriate.

Space Features

Bottom Floor | Floor 8

  • Living room setup
  • Collaboration-driven furniture
  • Open area meeting spaces for groups ranging from 4-10
  • Soft seating
  • Dividers between spaces (marker board, bookshelves, moss board)
  • Power 

Second Floor | Floor 9

  • Training room and multi-purpose space with moveable training tables
  • Soft seating in front and high-top tables in back to create stadium seating

Third Floor | Floor 10

  • Main reception area
  • All hands room with lots of seating options
  • Break room area/multifunctional space with banquet seating and café tables
  • Office space with desks
  • Lounge space for small open meeting areas
  • High top tables, stools and marker board for typical meetings
  • Conference rooms 
  • Board room featuring glass table with integrated power and soft seating around perimeter

Fourth Floor | Floor 11

  • Accent pieces throughout for seating
  • Office space with desks


"Each floor had its own purpose and variety of spaces from soft seating to high top tables and chairs to moveable training tables and dividers."


the furnishings //

The entire space was outfitted with Steelcase or Steelcase Partner Network manufacturer furnishings. By specifying a single line of products, McCoy Rockford was able to adhere to WP Engine’s budget and furnish the space with highly functional and versatile commercial interior products.

A variety of colors, textures and finishes were used to differentiate each floor and space within each floor. Natural elements were also added. The back of marker boards featured moss walls, which helped soften and define spaces.

featured products //

Steelcase West Elem Work Belle Sofa: A modular sectional, which boasts beauty and brawn. Inspired by deco-era design and expertly tailored, its seat and wide channeled back stands up to commercial wear and tear. Better yet: it’s totally modular, able to adapt to the layout of your space.

Claridge Mobile Whiteboard System: Serving as a mobile space divider and biophilic wall, these customizable living walls helped separate space and create an engaging environment. 

A variety of colors, textures and finishes were used to differentiate each floor and space within each floor.

the results //

The project went smoothly from initial designs through installation. The client is very happy with the furniture selections, placement and finishes. The next steps for the space include stylizing with accessories and additional greenery to continue softening the work environment.